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    Our Solutions

    Advanced solutions for FIs and resellers.

    The payments industry is complex, and communication between FIs and merchants is often strained. 911 Fintech Solutions is here to help. Our technology is designed streamline data security, compliance rules, and regional differences.

    Merchant Onboarding

    Merchant Onboarding

    Easier transitions mean merchants can hit the ground running.

    Risk Management

    Risk Management

    Protect your business with powerful fraud identification and detection tools.

    Dispute Lab

    Dispute Lab

    The entire dispute process, automated for ease of use.

    Reseller payouts

    Reseller Payouts

    Direct, auto-calculated residuals, commission, and bonus payouts through APIs.

    Client Portal

    Client Portal

    Comprehensive insight into activities completed for merchants.

    Training & Support

    Training & Support

    Our chargeback coaching is customized fast and efficient case management.

    Comprehensive Review

    Comprehensive Review

    Our industry experts can review all operations to identify new opportunities and maximize performance.

    Our integrated platform provides unequaled advantages:

    Data Security

    Fi911 is a PCI Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) Level 1 service provider. That means FIs, resellers, and their clients are assured their data is transmitted and stored in the most secure manner possible.

    Cloud-based Convenience

    Collaboration in a cloud environment means a wide range of your clients can easily be granted differing degrees of access and control over the same data.

    Easy Integration

    The Fi911 platform makes it a snap to customize and integrate with third-party applications through RESTful APIs. Our published APIs are developer-friendly for fast integration and testing.

    Professional Services

    The Fi911 business and technical teams offer unprecedented expertise and industry experience. We work with to deliver custom-coded white-label solutions that are right for your needs and your budget.

    Dynamic Scalability

    Our cloud-based platform is modular, flexible, and infinitely scalable to grow dynamically with FIs, resellers, and their clients...without requiring extensive new investments.

    Cost-Effective Management

    The Fi911 platform is the most cost-efficient merchant life cycle management tool in the payments industry, whether you’re a large-scale enterprise or a growing small- or medium-sized business.